My husband and I have always wanted a Smart TV. They are really expensive. I found an alternative! This product turns ANY HDTV into a Smart TV in minutes! The product is called the SmartStick! SmartStick is a product from FAVI Entertainment. FAVI ENTERTAINMENT is a full service product design and development company specializing in projectors, mobile accessories, and digital media devices.  Since 2006, we've developed over 120 consumer technology products under the FAVI brand. It's the smallest TV internet device ever released. 
 Now, it is pretty simple to use it! Take the stick and plug it into a HDMI input of choice,  power it with the included USB direct connect cable and then take the IR received and place it on the front of your TV. There is a sticky pad to keep it in place. The SmartStick guides you to set up the rest. After setting it up, and connecting to your Wifi, you can go anywhere on the web! It even has Google Play on it so that you can download games! It does come with a basic remote, but the Smart Keyboard, which you will read a review about below- is easier to use with it. As you can see, I was even able to view my blog from my TV because it was pre-installed with a Google Chrome browser.
You can pretty much do anything! Watch Netflix, download games, check your email and more!
The SmartStick offers access to ALL of the top streaming services, some are even pre-installed. If the service you're looking for isn't listed in the Apps tab, worry not, a quick trip to the installed Google Play market gives you access to all of your favorites. A few simple clicks later, an icon for your selected service application will appear in the Apps tab, for easy accessibility. I was able to put a mini SD card into it so that I could expand my memory. The SmartStick comes in two sizes, a 4GB for $49.99 and a 8GB for $79.99! I received a 4GB for review. You can also share files on your computer with the SmartStick using the PLEX application. More about that is below.
 Overall, I love the SmartStick! It is easy to get up in the mornings and check my email without having to walk to the livingroom for my cell phone or laptop!  I also loved the SmartStick Mini Wireless Keyboard Controller
You simply take the receiver and plug it into the SmartStick, switch the on button, and you are ready to go when you push any button. It also comes with a mini USB charger to charge it. Another awesome thing is that you can also use it on a game console, laptop, computer and more! If you press FN and the little light bulb on the left, the keyboard has a back light that lights up to make it easier to use at night.  The touch pad also makes it easier to have a "mouse" at your fingers. So easy to navigate and play online and play games on the SmartStick! This awesome keyboard can be purchased for $39.99!
 Overall, I am thrilled with both of the products that I received! We do not have to pay thousands to purchase a Smart TV because with this little inexpensive gadget, we have one! BOTH of these would make the perfect gift this Holiday Season! I am recommending these for my Holiday Gift Guide!  Check out FAVI Entertainment and see what else they have to offer. Be sure to follow them on their social media, via the links below to stay up to date with the latest too!
*Disclaimer: The Small Things received a complementary SmartStick and Keyboard for review. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others*
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