Recently I had the chance to work with a unique and pretty awesome company on a review! This is not your typical book review. You get to personalize your book! You are probably wondering "A Personalized Book? How does that work?" puts you in a romance novel, wild or mild, with 40+ titles. You can even add your photo to the cover! You can choose between wild or mild. The "wild" version offers more detailed, steamy romantic scenes, similar to the romance novel genre. "Wild" uses those fun romance novel euphemisms but is never graphic. It is, however, racy in nature. The "mild" version of each book is exactly the same story line, but the romantic scenes have been limited and left more to the imagination. In either case, do consider that the book is about two people in love, so they will make love in the book. You can go browse the books that they have, choose between paper back- or paperback with photo, hardback or hardback with photo and even E- Book. I received a plain paperback book for review. 
I was able to choose what book that I wanted to personalize. When you choose a book on - Read the descriptions about each of the books, read the excerpts, and pick the one that best suits you or the couple you're buying for. Of course I bought for myself and husband. I am a fan of the paranormal and freaky, so I chose to review Red Moon Waltz.When personalizing your book, you can choose the following:
  • Which book you want.
  • Whether you want the Wild or Mild version.
  • The man and woman’s first names.
  • The man and woman’s first and last names.
  • The town where she lives.
  • Her closest major airport.
  • Her favorite radio station for music. (Call letters or numbers.)
  • Make of car he drives.
  • Her favorite color for clothing. (Think lingerie or evening gown.)
  • The pet names they call each other.
  • Their best friends' names.
  • Her perfume and his cologne/after shave. (If none, please type in: the clean scent of soap or au natural.)
  • Where they work. (The name of the companies; or the word "home" will work fine.)
  • Their eye and hair colors.
  • A favorite musical group/artist or type of music.
  • The total amount of time they've been "a couple".
  • For the dedication page: whom the book is being given to, whom the book is being given from, and for what occasion and the date of the occasion.
    (Ex: Happy Anniversary, December 31, 2012). 
Upon check out, they give you an example of how your book will be as well! 
You can also view this video that they have to learn more about them! 

Red Moon Waltz by Gail Gibbs is a personalized tale with a magical twist, as our couple attend a masquerade ball held at the mysterious Peacewood Manor, an estate with a truly fantastic secret. The moon rises and the masks come off, introducing our couple to an enchanted world of elf queens, shapeshifters, pixies and vampires. Charmed, they soon discover how delightfully seductive magic can be. Evil also lurks underneath the captivating glitter, and our couple must draw on all their love and courage to save themselves and their new-found friends from supernatural disaster.
Gibbs has also written three other eBooks: Vampire Rhapsody, Fresh Blood and Blood Starved, which can be ordered individually as eBooks or as Vampire Saga, which comes as a paperback, hardback, or eBook. I loved my book! It was so neat being able to personalize it! As soon as it arrived in the mail, I started reading right away!
Seeing our names in the book brought all kinds of excitement! When reading the book, you do not have to wonder what people look like or imagine them in your head. You create YOUR OWN story. The book was great and I can't wait to be able to purchase another! The description of the book was exactly what I wanted it to be. I plan to read it again in the near future because I loved it so much! I honestly do not want to give up too much more about it because I want you to create your own story and be surprised! Just know, this exceeded my expectations! The paperback novels average 170 pages depending on which title is selected. A plain paperback version of Red Moon Waltz is $49.99 plus shipping. From now until 12/16/13- get 20% off with code: Bre20%. This will make an amazing gift this holiday season! I am recommending for my Holiday Gift Guide! Browse the website and tell me- what will YOUR story be?  Be sure to visit on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! You can do so by visiting the links below!
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*Disclaimer: The Small Things received a complementary book for review. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others*
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  1. Personalized books are awesome gifts! Thank you for the introduction to this, I've never seen anything quite like it, it's very cool! And completely unrelated, I love your nail polish!

  2. I did a book like this for my Aunt and Uncle's first Christmas together...your right seeing your name and other personal tid bits is very thrilling =)

  3. I never knew that this was available. It is a good gift idea for those who love romance novels.


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