I was browsing crafty things on Instagram and came across something that I wanted to try. After much research, I figured it out and was able to make a few things with stuff I already had around the house. I do want to know if you all would like me to do a tutorial on making faux frosting.
I had an old iPhone 4 case that I did not like. It was sitting in a drawer so instead of going on Amazon or Ebay and buying clear or white ones, I came up with the idea to re-purpose this. I put my "frosting" and sprinkles on and allowed to dry and it is ready for use. Completely adorable. 
As you can see below I took a compact mirror that I already had and put my "frosting" on it and put the little jewels or AKA "sprinkles" on it to give it more of a cupcake effect. I allowed to dry for a few hours and it was ready for use!
The "frosting" is so realistic and feels squishy. I love it!! I do not want to give out much more about it because I wanted to ask you all if you would like to see a tutorial on this? Just let me know and I will do a step by step tutorial. The "frosting" is waterproof too!  Like this post? Feel free to hover over one of these photos and "Pin" to Pinterest! Thanks for reading!
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  1. your so talented. I'm always surprised with the ideas you come up with!


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