Looking for a new way to stay warm this winter? Heat Storm has the right products for you! Heat Storm is Wall, Portable, and Outdoor Infrared Heat! We are dedicated to creating innovative, high quality, energy efficient heaters. From their Facebook Page: "Who knew heating could be so cool? We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing quality, energy efficient heaters. If you want to keep your main living area or bedroom warm you can count on Heat Storm for quality wall and portable quartz infrared heaters. Maybe you own a ski lodge or work in construction, or just have a patio our weatherproof outdoor infrared heaters can take care of your outdoor heating needs."
Recently, I was sent their Mojave Infared Heater for review. My father in law works in his building outside, this was perfect for him. Our Mohave Portable Infrared Quartz Heater is the perfect heating solution for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and craft rooms. Plug this electric heater into your wall outlet and immediately enjoy the warmth. Wondering how it works? Often when you look at a space heater you can visually see their red hot wires. This means their heat element is exposed. Heat Storm heaters not only enclose their heating elements inside of quartz tubes with ceramic ends, but they also enclose the quartz infrared tube inside of a steel chamber. You can rest assured that your home and family are safe with Heat Storm Infrared Heaters featuring heat.
It is the perfect size and when the pets or kids touch it, it won't burn them!! I thought that was perfect because my father in law has the grandkids and pets in his building with him at times.
 When we took it over to him, he immediately plugged it in! He was excited and happy to have it!! It saves on propane costs in his building too! Another awesome thing about it was that it has a remote!! YES so convenient!! 
 The Mojave Portable Infared Heater can heat up to 500SQ Feet as well! The heat settings control the rooms temperature and balanced heat keeps the temperature difference between floor and ceiling within 2 to 3 degrees.
The Mojave has an air purifying function through high efficiency lifetime filter in the back of the unit. It also comes with a three year warranty! A few more reasons why Heat Storm is great: 
  • A Better Heat Exchanger-Traditional heaters have a single heat exchanger, whereas Heat Storm Infrared heater has two.
  • Better Use Of Energy- Heat Storm heaters feature the heat [pronounced: heat cube] technology which makes their heaters a lot smarter than the average heater. Their heaters automate how much energy should be used based on the ambient temperature. So, not only do their heaters feature a digital thermostat sensitive within 1 degree F, they also know when to switch between full and half power. This intelligence reduces large energy spikes.
  • Heat Storm is SAFER- Unlike most space heaters they do not allow the element to be directly exposed to lint or other materials. They accomplish this by enclosing  their Tungsten or Carbon Fiber elements inside of a quartz tube. Secondly,they  enclose the quartz infrared elements inside of a steel chamber. You can feel safe and secure when you are sleeping or when you are away that Heat Storm heaters are absolutelys safe while they are keeping your warm and putting money back in your pocket.
This would make the perfect gift this holiday season! A perfect gift for anyone! You can purchase the Mojave Portable Infared Heater for $139! Use code "mojave001" to get the price from $139 down to $109 with FREE SHIPPING! Take advantage of this amazing price while you can! Be sure to visit their website to see the other heaters they have to offer. There are SO many! Don't forget to follow Heat Storm on their social media to stay up to date with the latest!
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*Disclaimer: The Small Things was sent a complementary heater for review. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others*
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  1. Oh I need to look into one of these, thanks for sharing!!

  2. How neat! I would love to have one of these! I bet it is a lot cheaper than running your central heat!


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