If your childhood was as awesome of mine, you have owned or played with a Viewfinder (View-Master) once in your lifetime! Rich Dubnow (aka the Most Experienced 3D Photographer in the World) was lead photographer at View-Master for twenty years producing work for creative visionaries like Jim Henson and Steven Spielberg. In 1997, Rich founded Image3D in the picturesque Pacific Northwest. Since then, they have grown from a kitchen table operation to a state-of-the-art facility producing custom-made 3D experiences for everyone from blushing brides to corporate titans. At Image3D you can build your own reel!
Customers are able to create custom, unique, and awe inspiring reels with their very own photographs. Our customers use them for everything from one-of-a-kind gifts, weddings, keepsakes, special announcements, portfolios, school projects, and more. Within the Reel Builder, you can edit your 2D photos and add standout 3D captions. I recently had the chance to review the Image3D experience! I was able to make myself a reel and add the photos that I wanted! I received a reel and viewer set!

Building your reel is simple. You can add 7 frames but add any photo you want as well as text. You can also edit and make your center label and add text to it. As you can tell I did below! I went the simple way and left my photos as is and added "I Love You" in the middle of the reel. This was a gift to my husband!
I chose 7 photos that I loved of my husband and I! After making and approving, I was able to also choose the color of the viewer that I wanted. My husbands favorite color is blue. They have Black, Blue, Red & White. Hot Pink is a Valentine's Day Special. 
After you approve and place your order, it will take 5 days to ship and you can choose from a variety of shipping options. Image3D ships world wide too! That is a plus for my readers. I know that you all are from all across the world and country! 
These make a great gift for anyone! I love the concept and how it works! I loved mine as a child and to bring something like this in our  lives as an adult brings so many memories. My husband loved it! Thank you Image3D! There are different prices for reels and sets. You can purchase a set like I made for $29.99 plus shipping! The reel will come in a cute white box that you can wrap up and gift it! Visit Image3D for other prices and make a reel of your own! You can also find them on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! 
Image3D on Facebook| Image3D on Twitter| Image3D on Pinterest| Image 3D on Youtube
Win it: One lucky reader in the USA is going to win a Image3D Reel and Viewer Set of their own. The winner will receive a promo code to make their own and it will include UPS Shipping. Reader must complete mandatory entries to qualify. No purchase necessary to enter. Giveaway ends 2/14/14. Winner will have 24 hours to respond to the winning email. Failure to do so will result in picking another winner.  Please enter with the giveaway tools below and goodluck to everyone!

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  1. I would gift this to my sister-in-law, who is pregnant with her first child! I think she would absolutely love this!

  2. Do I plan to keep the reel or gift to a loved one ? I plan to keep it for my grand daughter. I think she will love it.
    Do I have childhood memories of using one of these? Oh YES! I can remember playing with it for long periods of time. I also remember spending a lot of time picking out new reels. Had to choose the one I want the most. LOL!

  3. I would use it to give as a gift for someone. I do have memories using these as a child. I think it would be a great gift to my sister whom shared many memories of playing with them with me.

  4. I do remember having one of these as a child and I used to love looking at it. I'd probably share this one (if I win) with my family.

  5. I LOVED the viewmaster as a kid... and I got one from Alton Brown when he did his "feasting on Asphault" series. I think it's sooooo cool that you can make your own slide/views!

    I would keep it as a "family gift" - something for all of us to enjoy.

  6. I'd gift it to someone for their birthday. I do remember having one as a child and loved it.

  7. I would give it to my friend whose husband is about to deploy. I think it wold be cute to put pictures of daddy in it for her son.

  8. I loved mine as a child, however I would give this to my mother as she would love it just as much :)

  9. I would totally keep this for myself! lol

  10. i would keep it for myself and i loved these as a kid

  11. I would love to give this to my daughter if I won, I know she would love it!


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