This is Max. Max is a 13 week old Maltipoo. He is a Maltese/Poodle Mix. He is very smart, affectionate, and calm. Another awesome thing about him is he is super easy to train and catches on fast! We trained him to pee on a puppy pad in a crate and it has worked out wonderful. I wanted another option for him. We live on the second floor of an apartment complex, it is a very long walk to walk to any grass. I recently came across a company called Fresh Patch. This is a 16″ x 24″ self-contained patch of real, hydroponically-grown grass. This Doggy Potty delivery service is amazing.
When we first received the grass, all Max wanted to do was relax in it. Who could blame him? It was nice and cool and smells good. As you can see below, I am getting the "MOM! Is this for me?" look.

After he got a "feel" for things, he did manage to pee on it. This is such a convenience for us. Not having to spend a ton on puppy pads feels great!  I also love how it naturally absorbs urine and there is no odor! Living in a small apartment, it does not take up much space at all.Some perks about Fresh Patch are- 

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  1. Max is the cutest puppy. Love the pics.

  2. This is really neat and better than puppy pads. Thank you for your review.


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