I have a weakness for delicious and divine treats. That is what I am going to call these because that is exactly what they are!  Cakeballz are cake in ball form. They are a delicious bite sized treat. Just the right portion. There are three in a pack, and three different flavors available. This is the perfect portion to keep to yourself, or share with your family. My husband and I were excited when the mail man brought our Cakeballz. They came in a insulated bag in a box with a cold pack to keep them fresh and cool.
The packaging for the Cakeballz are too cute! Flavors that you can order are seen below! My favorite is Birthday Cake Cakeballz!
As you can see it is full of moist deliciousness! It has just the right flavor to it!  
 The next flavor that I chose to try was the Red Velvet Cakeballz! Our wedding cake was Red Velvet. We love the flavor! I also loved how this flavor is not too strong or too rich. Just perfect and practically melts in your mouth.
The last flavor that I tried was the Chocolate Cakeballz! These are chocolate, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate. So yummy and delicious! These also melt in your mouth.
Overall, I completely fell in love with every flavor they have to offer. They can be stored anywhere, but I will tell you they taste really delicious when they are cold out of the fridge! I am sure if you have more sensitive teeth, you are better off letting them get to warm temperature so that the icing is not so hard on your teeth. They are available in select Walgreens Stores. You can check out the store locator to see where they are near you, or you can purchase them online. If you choose to order the Cakeballz online, they are 12 packages that have 3 cake balls in each package for a total of 36 cake balls for only $24.95 plus shipping. This makes them a little over $2 a pack. There are different combinations that you can purchase. They give you the option to buy just a box of each flavor, or you can mix it up and get Cakeballz Halfsies: Birthday Cake and Chocolate,  Cakeballz Halfsies: Birthday Cake and Red Velvet, Cakeballz Halfsies: Red Velvet and Chocolate. OR you could get every flavor in their Cakeballz Party Mix! I loved them so much, my mother in law and I just split the cost on ordering the Cakeballz Halfsies: Birthday Cake and Red Velvet!!!
 These are perfect to have around just for a snack, or a birthday party or any special event. It is a cheaper way to go to be honest because think of the cost a birthday cake would be to feed everyone. These would be great to have for a baby shower event too! Want to stay up to date with the latest? Visit Cakeballz on their social media! You can do so below!
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*Disclaimer: The Small Things received complementary Cakeballz for review. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others. The Small Things received no additional compensation for this post*
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  1. Those look so good. I love the flavors they come in.

    Michelle F.

  2. These look so yummy. These would make great party favors for a wedding.

  3. Oh myyyyy goodness! I'm ordering these NOW! I feel like I'm going to drool on my keyboard. They look so light and delicious.

  4. wow I had no idea you could buy cake balls - these would be perfect as part of a gift basket - they look so yummy better than homemade!

  5. I bought the birthday cake ones and my 5 year old ate one and found a plastic piece inside and choked on it so upset

    1. I hope you contacted customer service. Please address this with them.

  6. The packaging is absolutely adorable, and makes great party favors, but the taste; not so pleasing. The artificial taste is very powering. That is just my personal opinion.


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