Summer is just about here and with the 90* temps here in Tennessee, I thought it was a great time to share this cute, tasty treat! Gummy Bear Popsicles!
This is a SUPER easy treat that the whole family will enjoy! All you need:
-Popsicle Molds
-Gummy Bears 
I got my Popsicle Mold at World Market! It holds 10 and comes with sticks! No having to wash plastic ones! I also got the HUGE bag of gummy bears there. I am sure you can get all of this at the dollar tree as well. It is pretty much a no brainer on how to make it. I am sure you can substitute the sprite with juice or Kool-Aid too!
I filled the mold almost to the top but not completely with gummy bears. Took me awhile because I kept eating them!
 I then filled the molds with the sprite. I filled to the top but I should have done it a little below so that they have room to expand. *Just a tip*
I snapped the mold top on and put it on the freezer overnight and woke up to this:
Let me tell you- They are DELICIOUS! Next time I am going to try juice with them. Adding gummy bears into ice cubes and serving with juice or sprite would be delicious and a cute party treat too! What do you say? Are you going to try this delicious treat for yourself? I love it! Any adult or kid will too! Thanks for reading!
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  1. So easy.. and so yummy! I'd love to try these with Lemonade and Gummy Worms. So cute I had to Pin so I can try making them with my 3 kiddos :) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Now this is one I could do and a surprise gummy with every bite What a great idea

  3. This is something my family would love to make and eat. Such a cute idea.

  4. This recipe is so easy and such a great idea.

  5. I agree with you on trying them with juice next time.


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