*Disclosure: This is a sponsored review on the behalf of VTech and Mom It Forward. The Small Thing was sent a complementary monitor for review*
When my kids were babies, I had peace of mind when I had my baby monitors at night. Life is busy, and we need to stop, look, and listen to our children so we don't miss out on the simple moments. I know that I used to use my baby monitor when I would go in the kitchen to cook dinner. I almost missed my second daughter saying "Momma" for the first time. Had it not been for that monitor then, I would have missed out on that. My oldest is almost 8 and I still want to have a peace of mind. She can be sneaky at times when it comes to sneaking on her Wii at night. Baby monitors are not just for babies! They can be used for many things such as home surveillance and puppy patrol too! I recently received a pretty amazing baby monitor for review. It  is not like any baby monitor that I have seen! This baby monitor can let me peek on here at night and through out the day when she closes her bedroom door.
The VTech Safe & Sound Video Pan & Tilt Monitor is AMAZING.  It comes with two AC adapters, the monitor, a mounting bracket and the camera.
One thing I like about it is the rechargeable Lithium battery for the video monitor.
Setting up the monitor is pretty easy. You plug the camera into the outlet and switch it on. After you put the rechargeable battery in the video monitor, press the on button and it pairs. Mine paired automatically. To see the video feed, you click the view button. You can pan, tilt and zoom and see where your little one is at, at all times. It also zooms 2X and you can also pan 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 124 degrees up and down! Pretty neat if you ask me!
Check out the LCD on the screen! It is 2.5 inches! You see the temperature on there? (It was by her TV so that is why it seems so warm in there) I noticed when it gets to a certain temperature- it beeps. Another awesome feature this monitor has is that you can push the talk button and talk back to your baby or child. I have never had a video monitor like this before! Instead of yelling that dinner is ready, I can push the button and she can hear me clearly!  There is a feature that you can have the video monitor vibrate when there is a noise in your child's room too. This is a great feature when the little one us supposed to be napping! As I mentioned before, the screen is colored video but there is also Infrared LED so that you can see your little one clear at night! No more creaking doors to check on them at night with that fear you will wake them. We have all done the peeking in, stepping on our tip toes and trying to be as quiet as we can! I love that feature with being able to check on Lydia at night too! Tonight for example- the tooth fairy is supposed to come and see her tonight. As I write this review- I have been watching her to see if she is asleep and if she moves. I am waiting on the right moment! 
This monitor allows you to have up to four cameras that you can switch between and watch. Choose between single view (one camera only), split view (cycles through cameras on single view before stopping on split view) and patrol mode (single view that transitions to a different camera every 7 seconds) to keep an eye on your little ones or entire house!  If you need to run to the mail box, take your monitor with you because it can reach up to 1000 feet! The 2.4GHz system digitally transmits audio and video signals so that you can be reassured that it is just your child you are hearing! Overall, I love the VTech Safe And Sound Video Pan & Tilt Monitor- this is perfect for any parent with babies, toddlers and children. You can look, listen and check on your children at any time and never miss out on a special moment. If you would love to have the VTech Safe & Sound Video Pan & Tilt Monitor that I reviewed here for yourself, you can purchase it for $179.95 on the VTech website. Check out VTech on their social media below so that you can stay up to date with the latest from them!
What do you say? Do you see this product as a purchase in your near future?
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  1. I love that monitors come with cameras now. I love the size of the screen. Looks very useful.


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