I wanted something for my daughters room that I knew she would love and she can have for many years to come. She is going to be 8 this year. I found some plain black frames at the Dollar Tree. I spent $5 total on them. I also went to Walmart to get a banner in the party isle. The flag banner was $1.99! The paint was .99Cents a bottle. I bought the acrylic paint they have in the craft isle at Walmart. I purchased 4 colors. I already had the glitter and each letter was also found at Walmart in the craft isle for .99 cents. They are foam glitter letters  and they have sticky backs that you peel and place. 
Anywho- (I will say I am sorry in advance. I deleted photos of the whole process on accident!) I painted the frames and waited for them to dry overnight. You do need to paint 2 coats of white and let it dry before you do the color. It makes the color pop! Oh yes..mommy enjoyed a glass of wine while I was at it.. After they dried I sponged modge podge on them and I then dumped glitter on them. They dried. I took the back of the frames and glued the glass to the frame using e6000 glue! I already had the glue from previous crafts.  Before gluing I put a look of ribbon in the center of each. I let them dry overnight. After they dried I peeled the back of the stickers on the letters and placed on the center of each frame. I hung them funky on the wall! 
The mirrors you see were sticky wall mirrors I found for $3 a pack at Family Dollar! I bought 3 packs of them and placed them in random places! This turned out SO cute! The total price was about $24. I am sure I could have done it all on canvas but I loved this idea better! It was cheaper too! This is an inexpensive way to decorate! If we ever move, and get pregnant. I plan to do a boy theme with boy colors, no glitter and a burlap banner. What do you say? Do you wanna give it a shot and try something cute like this?
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  1. This is awesome!! My favorite part is the sticky mirrors.. they really make the letters stand out. Wine and crafting.. doesn't get any better than that ;)


  2. Wow! That looks great! I cant believe it was only $24! I had never thought of putting letters inside of frames like that but that look amazing! I seriously may steal this idea! Thanks!

  3. This is so adorable! It gave me some ideas for my family room, especially the sticky mirrors, love them :)

  4. This is such a great idea, and I think I will make a boy version because I don't have a girl.

  5. This is so cute. My two daughters would love something like this on their bedroom walls.

  6. Ohh! We totally should try this! Not only is it cheap, easy, and cute, but it'll also be such a fun activity! It'll give them something to be proud of as well!


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