We went to my inlaws and enjoyed BBQ and watching the kids play! They all had a blast! 
 Lydia got to ride in a Go Kart for the first time! Then..they had a water balloon fight..

Lydia  loved spending time with her cousins!
 Patiently waiting and watching the adults let off bottle rockets.
 Then they piled in the back of the truck to watch the show! Their nana and pa bought over 80 artillery shells to let off for them!
This picture was an accident more of anything but it turned out BEAUTIFUL! I am going to play with it and get it as a canvas print.
We had a great day! My daughter keeps telling me it was the best day ever. Of course she came home, took a bath and she is out like a light! Next week we are going to the pool..How was your 4TH Of July?
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  1. She looks like she had a blast! It looks like you all had a great time filled with fun & family. We did too. Mariah thought the sparklers & pop-it's were the greatest things ever! I am so happy you all had a good time together.
    I adore that last picture. I'm sure it will make a beautiful canvas & maybe a great present for your m-i-l? <3 xox


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