Lydia and I love cute and silly stuffed animals. I recently came across an adorable line of plush cuties called Uglydoll. Check out this adorable "blurb" from their website. Ugly means unique. Ugly means different. Never hide or cover or change That which makes you YOU. Those little twists and turns which makes us who we are need to come out. When we hide who we really are, the world suffers. When we shout who we really are from the rooftops, we push the human race forward. Ugly is the new beauty. Isn't that awesome? I love their view on this!
Lydia received two adorable Uglydolls for review! She just loves them!
The one she loves the most  is Ox with Pizza. Ox is completely adorable if you ask me!
 Ox loves pizza pie! He will eat anything on it. He loves to post foodie pics. I love his little face. Too cute! Ox with pizza is available for purchase at only $18.
 The other doll she received is too cute for words. He is Wage.
Wage is a hard worker and works at the local supermarket with his apron on. The kicker is, they have no idea he works there! lol Isn't he just adorable? He is available for only $15.
 These versions look better than the one on their website. Because the ones on their website have black eyes. These look cuter.
Uglydoll has so many other adorable friends on their website. I am hoping to get her one of their pillows for Christmas! Overall, we love our little friends. Lydia has them in her bed every night! Check out Uglydoll on their website and check out other products they have to offer. You will get lost for hours looking! There are so many! Visit them on their social media below! 
*Disclaimer: The Small Things received Uglydolls to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own*
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  1. These are soooo cute! I love the story behind each of them. Seems almost like they should have a story book to go with each of them. My niece would love them!

  2. I absolutely adore these. I have a board on pinterest that has many different types of softies that are like this but these are my favorite

  3. My kids would love Ox with Pizza too - what an ugly cutie:)


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