This whole week has been super busy! I know that I have been quite. Friday I volunteered for picture day. Lydia looked completely adorable (Review pics of that outfit to come soon). Our car has been having issues too. That has been one hell of a frustration. Lydia had softball practice today as well.
Tomorrow is her first official game. She will have games every Tuesday and Thursday. I am SUPER stoked about that! Her birthday is in less than two weeks. She has requested a Halloween Birthday theme. I am still waiting to get the invites in the mail! I made them and had them put on photo paper to mail out and they are not here yet. (IRRITATING!)
Here is what they will look like! I blanked out address and phone number for privacy reasons. 
I have so many ideas up my sleeve and so many Birthday reviews to come shortly after! She is going to have a blast! Anywho- I will stop rambling! What have YOU been up to this week?
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