I headed to Cost Plus World Market today to get out of the house. I was excited to see their Halloween Decor already out! I found this cool Zombie Cookie Kit too! They sell for almost $12 for two or $ 5.99 in store for one pack.. I bought one!
 Lydia was excited to make them with me!
The kit came with several things to make the cookies. Includes sugar cookie mix, green food color powder, vanilla frosting mix, red and black icing pens, piping bags and 4 plastic cookie cutters.We followed the directions and mixed the dough as it said to do. 
 Lydia enjoyed cutting them all out!
I think we had too much flour on the table.. because they turned out to be WAY bigger than they were supposed to! It is okay though! They are still yummy! I had to mix the white icing.. I had a dumb moment and used REGULAR sugar instead of powdered. For future reference- DO NOT DO IT. It won't turn out right! You can see in the pictures below! It is still good.. I have to say.
Lydia had a blast decorating her cookies. We had 3 a piece after we were finished. And there are three of us! 
 My cookies don't look the best but who cares- they are going to be eaten anyways!
 "Z" for Zombie.. cheezy eh?
 Here is one of Lydias cookies finished. She did great! So cute! Sorry for the old pan. It is my favorite cookie sheet. I am happy with our purchase. I didn't get paid to review this- but I did want to share because this was a great score for $5.99 and a great thing to do as a family too! Overall, I love it! I just wish I would have used the correct sugar for the white icing!! Head on over to World Market and score one! Or visit their website via the link in this post. Thanks for reading! 
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  1. Pretty cool and wish I had more patience to do things like this for my kids. They do a lot of it with their Aunt however. They'd all like this one


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