I am sure that you have seen on the news about the l4 year old Autistic Boy that was bulled when he was trying to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As soon as I seen this on the news, it brought complete tears to my eyes! If you don't know what happened- he was tricked into taking off his clothes thinking that he was participating. Instead of ice, they drenched him in feces and urine. Who does that? I don't know how that these kids live with themselves.
The point of this post is to partner with GiveForward to prove that Love Concurs Hate! If you don't know, GiveForward is the world's #1 fundraising site for helping people in need. They help people come together and give support when they need it most. Since 2008, they have helped families raise over 120 million to help cover their expenses during hard times or honor the people that they care about. GiveForward is the  place to go when we see tragedy or injustice in the world.
Make a difference. Make a change. Help this Autistic Boy that was bulled know that we all care about him. Donate today and comment! All of the proceeds will go toward the family.  They are looking to do 1000 comments to show this kiddo we all care! What are you waiting for? Visit GiveForward on their social media to stay up to date with the latest too! Thanks for reading!
*Disclosure: This is a sponsored Sverve post on the behalf of GiveForward. All opinions are my own*
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