I have never had a Personalized Caricature done before! I was stoked when I came across FunkyCartoon.com. Here in Tennessee, I have never seen anywhere to get these done! We haven't been to a beach that does it. Anywho- If you haven't heard of Funkycartoon.com, you are missing out. They make amazing personalized gifts for almost every occasion (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Mothers Day, Fathers Day)! Their caricature artists have worked at theme parks, circuses and special events all across the USA.
Go on their website and click order now. You can choose black and white or color. Prices vary. They have them from $44- $144.99. A tad expensive if you ask me. Click how many people you want in the caricature and you can then choose if you just want the heads or full bodies with a theme. If you choose to upgrade to a Full Body with Theme caricature, they will need images that include the persons body. They will also need images of the background and theme that you wish for their artists to draw. 
Check out the photos that I submitted for my review. They ask for two photos of each person with a close up of the face. I wanted my husband and I, and my daughter in one picture:
And this is the Personalized Caricature that I received. I received another in the beginning, but I hated it to be honest. My husband looked horrible and it wasn't funny at all.
Thoughts? I still don't like how my husband is so "wide" in the background behind Lydia and I. From the pictures I gave them, I don't see how they had that impression. I will no hang this up in my house for that reason or making it a social  profile picture. Would I buy this myself? No. It is just something that I was turned off by after seeing the first image that we received. My eyes are also green, not brown. After this process, I wouldn't chance buying one anywhere. Just my opinion though. The positive: they email your Personalized Caricature to you within 5 business days! No worrying about shipping costs! If you wish to splurge and take a chance- visit them via one of the links above or on their social media below! Thanks for reading!
*Disclaimer: The Small Things received complementary service in exchange for this honest review. All opinions are my own*
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