Halloween is around the corner! You can easily make 100 of these for those trick or treaters that come to your door! Having a Halloween Party? These will be a hit there too! Check it out. 
What do you need to make these adorable fuzzy creatures? Just a few simple things! Check out how to make them below!
 You need suckers of choice- black pipe cleaners, scissors, craft glue and wiggle eyes.
 Cut one pipe cleaner into 4 pieces and hold into the middle. Size depends on how big you want them.
 Take another pipe cleaner and wrap around the middle until you have about 1 1/2 inches left.
 Adjust the little legs to your liking, glue on the wiggle eyes and allow to dry.
 Take that bit of pipe cleaner you had left and wrap around the sucker stick!
You now have super cute pipecleaner spiders for Halloween! These little guys are cute and not spooky at all! These would also be cute without being on the suckers if you want decor around the house! ENJOY!!
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  1. You are crafty, your daughter must love that. These turned out great too, would be fun for the kids to take in to school

  2. These are so cute. This is something my girls can help make.


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