Halloween is going to be here before we know it! There's nothing more fun than decorating for the Holidays! Halloween is my favorite one! Before I tried this craft with Lydia, I wanted to give it a run myself and see how simple that it was. See below what you need! Now, paint brushes and scissors are not pictured. You will need them.
You need a toilet paper roll, scissors,  paint brushes, glue sticks, black and white acrylic paint, construction paper, wiggly eyes. Paint your toilet paper roll black and set aside to dry.
I folded a piece of construction paper in half and made my wings. I did this so that both were identical.  You can use your child's hand prints and cut them out  instead to add a personal touch. 
 I used Crayola brand paper and wasn't too happy that it wasn't as black as I wanted it to be. I decided to paint my wings. I liked this better.
 While most of my toilet paper roll was dried, I took my white paint and made the fangs and mouth.
After my wings dried I glued them on the back of the toilet paper roll. Then added my wiggly eyes!
I used my gold pen and added a personal touch on the wings. I also cut out a bow for a girly effect. Super cute! We plan to put this on our TV stand when we decorate next week for Halloween! I can't wait to do this with Lydia! We have so much more in store too! If you don't want to use paint, another option would be to wrap the construction paper around the roll and staple. Then you can staple or glue the wings. This is more of a mess free option. I prefer the mess because it is more fun for the kiddo! 

EDIT 10/1/14 Lydia gave this a shot by herself today after school! This is a super easy craft for the kids! She used her hand prints as the bats wings! Check it out!

 She was so excited she finished this all alone with supervision.
 She painted the mouth and used my gold pen on the wings. I figured it was her project so she can add whatever touch she wanted. She said she wanted my girl bat to have a boy bat give her company. HA!
 Is this not adorable??? Try it yourself! It is so much fun! Like this post? Feel free to hover over my bat and Pin to Pinterest or share via one of the buttons below! Thanks for reading!
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  1. Your daughter is going to be real crafty like you seem to be. I don't seem to have it in me but this would be fun for all of my kids to do. They love crafts on Wednesdays at their church, this would be fun for home

  2. Such a cute idea. This is something my two daughters can make on their own.

  3. What a cute craft! I love the hand print idea as wings. Makes a cute keepsake, too!

  4. This is such a cute and fun diy project.


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