My daughter and I were brainstorming ideas to play with the face paint that we bought! She wanted me to make her into a doll. Since Halloween is almost here, I had the bright idea into making her into an Evil Ventriloquist Doll. Check out what you need to make this happen! Now keep in mind- I don't like complicated. This is SIMPLE to do, if you are willing to take the time to do it! This isn't  perfect by any means, we are "beginners".
- Red, White & Black Face Paint
- Makeup Sponges & 1 Makeup Brush
- Paint Brushes
- Dark Pink Blush
- Fake blood (You can mix clear corn syrup and red food coloring if you don't have any fake pre-made blood)
STEP 1- Lightly coat sponge face with white face paint. Coat makeup brush with pink blush and rotate in a circle on the cheeks as in the picture.
 Step 2- Paint lips white and add random black dots on the face for freckles. You can wait to do this in the very last step. Add them a little further down than I did, you will see why as we go.
Step 3- Coat top lip in red face paint and bottom lip in white. Make it thick.
 Step 4- Draw red lines to the chin and paint a fake bottom lip on the chin. Mine was a bit uneven, but it doesn't have to be perfect. Add a line of teeth above the fake lip you made.
 Step 5- Paint the space in between the lip you painted white and the fake teeth you made black. Draw lines for the teeth.
 Step 6- Freehand thick black eyebrows. Make them arched because you want that evil look.
 Step 7- Draw a thick white line on the bottom of each eye.
 Step 8- Paint top eyelid black. Outline the thick white line you made under each eye and paint some fake lashes!
 Step 9- Touch up the face and lashes. Make the freckles thicker and add the fake blood around the mouth and eyes and make it come out of the nose for effect. You can really add the blood where you want. You are now FINISHED! Accessorize and dress to impress and you are ready to go!
 This is more of a "realistic" way to do this. It isn't as detailed and it doesn't take much to do!
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What are you going to be for Halloween this year?
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  1. This is awesome! My daughter is probably too young to let me do her makeup like this but it is a great idea for the future. I love how you did the mouth, you really nailed it!

  2. Pretty spooky! Glad you let your girl have fun and be creepy instead of pushing the "cute only" thing on her. My girls were dinosaurs and YuGiOh and grim reaper and Queen Elizabeth. lol


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