Did you know that all Windows phones now have Cortana? She is super cool and allows so many possibilities! Cortana's features include being able to set reminders and find places to eat. She can also set your alarm and do basic commands. All you have to do is push the app, click the microphone and ask away! She will answer! She also calls you by your name or nickname! You can personalize your interests and name when you set it up. It is quite simple! 
I love that you can set quite times, your favorite places and music search matches! You can do this by tapping the three white lines on the right of the phone when you have Cortana open. 
Most important of all, I love using Cortana because as a student/mom and blogger on the go she reminds me of stuff daily. I would lose my head if I didn't have this thing! Where has she been all my life?
Overall. I love Cortana because she knows YOU she learns your interests and recommends things to you! It is a really useful thing! If you don't have a Windows Phone (I recommend the Lumia 635), you are missing out! 

Now- A small update, I recently posted about my new Nokia Lumia 635, {see that post here} I wanted to share a few things with you- This phone is AWESOME!  I really didn't know how much you can personalize this phone until I played with it more and more. The live tiles allow you to see status updates, and tweets in real time. You can also  pin apps, websites, music albums and pretty much everything to the main screen so that it is all there. You can also personalize the colors daily. It is like having a new phone everyday. You never get bored with it! SEE?

Lydia likes to take my phone and take pictures. It doesn't have a front facing camera so it is nice to have her snap one for me! Check it out! No editing other than my watermark has been added.

Do you have a Windows Phone? If not, do you plan to get one soon?Visit Nokia on their social media below to stay up to date with the latest! 
*The Small Things received the Nokia Lumia 635 to facilitate this post as part of a back to school program. All opinions are my own*
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