Hi everyone! I made a super cute and easy craft for you to enjoy! The kiddos will have a blast doing this one! For this craft you need the following:
 18 Q Tips, Clear School Glue, White Paper, Black Construction Paper, Black Marker or Pen, Googly Eyes.
 Bend 4 Q-Tips in half, bend 4 on each end, cut the end off of 9 Q-Tips and keep the ends a little longer on two of them. You can see what I mean on the two in the bottom of the picture. Keep 1 Q- Tip in tact. Don't bend it. ( I don't have that pictured. I noticed it rolled off the table)
 I was able to freehand a skull. It is simple! I drew the smile and nose holes on him before cutting it out.
 Grab the Q-Tips that you bent on each end and glue three of them facing up, and one facing down. Take that last q-tip that you didn't bend and glue it over all 4. Glue the head to the paper as well.
Put glue on the ones you bend in half and place where you wish. You can put them in different positions to make it funny!
 Glue the pieces you cut on the hands and feet as shown and then glue the eyes!
I had ribbon and chalk pens laying around. I used those for an added "extra". They are not necessary though. Mine isn't dried yet in the picture above yet. It will look super cute when it does dry! This is an adorable low budget craft. You can purchase packs of q-tips at the dollar store! Try this adorable craft for yourself! It is fun! TEACHERS- you can prepare the q-tips for the kiddos by pre cutting them and putting them in those tiny ziplock bags! Won't take long at all! I recommend letting these dry overnight as the q-tips will slide off of the paper.
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  1. This is adorable. My two daughters could definitely make this.


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