If you are scratching your brain trying to think of something unique to put in stockings this year, I have the perfect thing! Krazy Straws Name Straws are the perfect stocking stuffer! Check out a bit about Krazystraws: 
Fun-Time International Inc. is designer and manufacturer of Krazy Straws® and Krazy Straw® Drinkware. We are a small, family-owned business, based in Olde City Philadelphia, with a fully-owned domestic production facility in North America. This short supply chain allows us a large degree of product control  centered around innovative product design, children’s product safety, and short, inexpensive lead times!
You can get your name or any 6 letter word bent in these straws! Check out ours!
 They are available in 10 colors! Since these will be placed in stockings, I chose candy cane colors. Check out order details:
  • *Personalized party favors perfect for birthday parties, promotional needs, hostess gifts, bridal party favors & more! 
  • *Only Six letters or numbers please. Available symbols: Heart (<3) - Question Mark (?) - Ampersand (&) - Hashtag (#)
  • *Our name straws all start with a capital letter and are followed by the rest lower case.
  • *We can do up to 3 capital letters in one straw in any combination. Here are some examples. JJ, ABC, CeCe, JohnB.
 Prices vary for them depending how many you buy. The more you purchase, the cheaper. The price list is below:
1 to 49: $3.99
50 to 99: $3.49
100 to 249: $2.99
250 to 499: $2.49
500 to 999: $1.99
1000 to 1499: $1.75
Visit The Krazy Straws website to order today! These are fun and will be great for any occasion! Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter below while you are here! Thanks for reading!
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  1. These are some cool looking straws for sure. Thank you for telling us about them. I know my kids would love to drink out of these if I were to get them. I love the fact that they are done in each child's name.

  2. My girls love using straws for everything. I know they would love these.


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