Does your kiddo want a puppy for Christmas? Fear no more! I have a puppy for you but without the mess! Zoomer products are a hit in our household, that is why when I seen the NEW Zoomer Zuppies, I had to have one for Lydia. Zoomer Zuppies are available in 4 styles. Each has their own name, personality and cute colors. Lydia received Zoomer Zuppies Candy. She is pink and super sweet.
 Zuppies are interactive puppies that multiple sensors that enable them to play games and sense nurturing touch that increases their emotion gages. For example, you can pet her head and she will look up at you.
 They have two buttons that allow them to cycle through different games. You press the back button to enter activity mode and tap the head to scroll through activities. As you can see below, we played the dice game. She will roll first (left eye), tap her nose and it will be your turn. Super adorable! That is just one of the games included! I don't want to ruin too much for you!
 If you tap her head she also barks. SECRET  MODES: Press and hold the back button and press nose twice to give her a kiss. Press and HOLD back button and TAP HEAD twice for I LOVE YOU. For Fireworks, press and HOLD back button, tap head and press nose twice. She also farts. HA! See below from my Instagram:
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 Another feature is that she PLAYS MUSIC! You can get in activity mode and tap her head. You press her nose to switch through instruments and wave your hand in front of her to play them! Check out the video below this picture on my Instagram to see!
See how her eyes are lit up in music mode too? Adorable!
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Zoomer Zuppies also have IR receivers that allow for the detection and recognition of another IR. They can also interact with each other!  If you didn't notice, each puppy also has their own poseable legs for easy bendablilty. The Zoomer Zuppies will also make the PERFECT Christmas gift! Remember to grab 3 AAA batteries as they are not included. They are recommended ages 5+ and retail for $29.99! Visit your local store to purchase to day! I have seen them at Walmart, Toys R Us and several other stores! Check out where else to buy here. Visit them online to learn about the other Zuppies while you are here!! Visit Zoomer on their social media below to stay up to date with the latest! 
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*The Small Things received a Zoomer Zuppies to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own*