Have you heard? Paddington the MOVIE is coming out this January! Yes! January 15, 2015 to be exact Starting November 24, kids can get a Paddington travel tag with the purchase of a meal or token package at any Chuck E. Cheese’s location. Then, every time they return to Chuck E. Cheese’s with the travel tag through December 31, they will receive three more tokens. {Food purchase is required.} How cool is that? My daughter loves going to the location here in town at the mall. We took a trip recently and decided to see if our nephew wanted to tag along! Of course the kiddos were excited to go! I think us adults were a tad more excited because we always let our inner kid out when we go! Check out our trip in the pictures below! 
As soon as we gave our complementary card to the cashier, she handed the kiddos their Paddington tags! 
 We love the pizza! My kiddo likes to shake extra cheese on hers. The staff is always so friendly and nice when we go.
 They love playing games! It was super packed. I wasn't able to get many pictures. We were having so much fun though.
It isn't really that expensive to go. It is totally worth the fun! Have you never been to Chuck E. Cheese's? Tell me about it below! Be sure to visit them on their social media while you are here! This is a quick way to stay in the loop with recent events! Thanks for reading! 
Chuck E. Cheese's on Facebook| Chuck E. Cheese's on Twitter
*Disclaimer: The Small Things received a complementary pass to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own*
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