It is cold and flu season. We are freaking out here in this household. Why? All of us have been so sick! I hate it! Are you guilty of becoming a new person when you are trying to avoid germs during this icky season? As a mom, keeping my daughter from getting sick is my mission. BUT we can't always keep them from getting sick! Here are the four most common Lysol Germ Alter Egos but never fear, Lysol has a rehab plan to get you back to your normal self. Read about them and check out the cute image at the bottom! You can Pin it too of course!
The Touch-a-p hobe-
 Spots germy surfaces from a mile away and avoids them at all costs. Whether it is tricking a friend into opening doors for them by deliberately walking slower when walking into a restaurant or refusing to let sick coworkers borrow their laptop, the Touch-a-phobe keeps harmful germs from their hands.
Is this you? If so, your rehab includes:
  • A map of all local spots with automatic doors & A pair of tongs for everything from door-opening to copy machine-using... OR
  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray, you know, to prep surfaces for touchability.
The Defriender-
Normally loves quality time with friends. However, if anyone sneezes or coughs in their vicinity, their senses heighten and they cancel all plans with the offender. Spot a Defriender by their signature greeting of “How are you feeling today?” featuring subtle hints of “Please don’t tell me you’re sick!”
Sound familiar? If so, your rehab includes:
  • An Outlook calendar fi lled with fake meetings.
  • Skype dinner dates where you and a friend eat dinner at each of your respective homes while webchatting.. OR
  • Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap so you can still socialize AND keep those germs at bay.
The Avoidenator
A fun-loving person who’s always up for a good time with 100 of their “closest friends.” However, with the advent of cold and flu season, they suddenly prefer any plans that don’t involve spending time outside of their home in groups of more than two.
Feels like you’re looking into a mirror? If so, your rehab plan includes:
  • A personal assistant to handle all necessary errands 
  • The best cable package out there..OR
  • Lysol Disinfecting Wipes to make all public spaces. Avoidenator-approved.
The Magician
Just as the name conjures – they perform disappearing feats or pull tricks out of their bag the moment a germy situation arises. You’re a Magician if you ditch your shopping cart whenever you spot a sneezy salesperson or if you conjure distractions to prevent sick visitors from touching items on  their desk.
Raising your hand? If so, your rehab plan includes:
  • An invisibility cloak
  • A body double OR
  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray as a fine addition to your bag of tricks.
I am the Avoidenator. YES I will admit it. I hate being sick. I want to avoid it at all costs but that doesn't always seem to work. Recently I had to go to the doctor for bronchitis. Thankfully, Lysol products are here to save the day! Pick up disinfecting spray, wipes and products at a local retailer near you! Visit them on their social media to stay up to date with the latest while you are here!
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*The Small Things received products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own*
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