Last year here on the blog, I did a post about Genesis 950 Concentrate Cleaner. You can see that review here. I recently had the chance to work with them again and I wanted to do a more improved review! This Eco- Friendly cleaner has no ammonia or bleach in it. Being a mom that doesn't like harsh chemicals, that is a plus for me. If you have never heard of Genesis 950, you are missing out. I am telling you this is hands down the best product I have ever used. What is this product for?  Well, let me tell you it is NOT just for carpets. You can use this product for several different reasons. It SAFELY removes grease, grime, soot, ink, tar, vegetable oil and insect residue. 
How do you use it?
  • For spot cleaning you mix 1 part of Genesis 950 to 7 parts of water in the spray bottle. For difficult stains, fill the bottle half way with cleaner and the other half with water.  
  • Find the stain and drench it and let it sit 2 minutes.  
  • Scrub, scrub, scrub!
  • Rinse with water and repeat if necessary. 
  • When finished you blot with a towel or use a wet vacuum to remove water residue. 
This multi-purpose cleaner can be kept on hand to tackle anything you need to clean. Unlike other cleaners, Genesis 950 Concentrate works with water to get into the stain and break the bonds of the stain. Once this happens the stain is then lifted from the surface. Check out the stains that I was able to recently tackle. 
 As you can see, using this product has made a huge difference. I plan to update this post in the next two weeks with more awesome results! Overall, I love Genesis 950 Concentrate and you will too! Want to use it for more than just a spot cleaner? Check out the website HERE for instructions and see other ways to use it! You can purchase a gallon of Genesis 950 with a spray bottle for only $42.00 on their website! And you can buy on amazon as well! This is great because you can't find it elsewhere! No third party to go through, you go directly through them so that you can get the best care and customer service possible.  Be sure to visit them on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! Thanks for reading! 
*The Small Things received product to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own*
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