Yesterday I took a trip to Dollar General and I was stoked to find this new top coat. I have always been a fan of Kiss Nails because they always have the most affordable products out there. They offer products in Nail Care, Beauty Tools & Appliances, Cosmetics & Hair Care. I have always bought their nail products. This Jet Dry quick drying top coat by Kiss Nails dries in 60 seconds. 
 It is super easy to use. You simply apply a coat, let dry in 60 seconds and reapply as needed. It dries to the touch completely. I would compare it to acrylic on nails because it makes them hardened too. I am only sharing this because it really IS a great top coat. If you are looking for something new to try, head on out to a retailer near you. I found this a Dollar General for only $3.50!!! It is a steal for sure!
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