I love doing my nails. My 8 year old likes it occasionally. She doesn't like having to wait on the nail polish to dry, that's for sure! When given the opportunity to review Jamberry Nail Wraps, I couldn't pass up. Jamberry offers 200+ designs! They also have no odors, , no chemicals and most of all no animal testing! How do you use it? Applying them is super easy! It takes patience though.
  • Step 1- Clean nails with alcohol and push cuticles back.
  • Step 2- Match nails the wrap that fit best.
  • Step 3- Peel wrap off with a mini heater or blow dryer for 3-5 seconds.
  • Step 4- When warm, press the wrap around the nail and apply firm pressure. Use a rubber cuticle pusher to seal the wrap around the cuticle.
  • Step 5- Trip the top with scissors and if there is nail wrap left, file downward to remove excess.
  • Step 6- Apply heat and pressure to the wrap again to reassure it is bonded to the nail.
  • ENJOY! 
Check out the video below for the cold application method!
After doing Lydia's nails- this is how it turned out! How cute is this?!
  Featured is the "Get Hoppy" Easter Mani Set. Purchase HERE.
Overall, I love it and my daughter does too! Jamberry Nail Wraps are in! They last longer than nail polish too! Check it out below:
Check out more steps on Michelle's Jamberry page via one of the links in this post! Spring is here! She has so many cute spring options to offer! You can score this Get Hoppy Set for only $15!  Check it out! She is also offering Buy 3 get 1 FREE!
Mother's Day is around the corner, these would make the PERFECT gift! Like this post? Feel free to hover over one of the images and Pin to Pinterest! You can also share via one of the buttons below! Thanks for reading!  Stay up to date with the latest via Michelle's Jamberry Facebook Group
*The Small Things received wraps to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own*
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