So, I had a thought tonight while eating dinner. I wanted something sweet so I thought I would try to fry Oreo's myself! Let me tell you- This is SO EASY. I had french fry grease in the deep fryer so I decided to put oil in a pot on the stove on about 5. You just need pancake batter, Oreos, oil, and powdered sugar.
I made a batch of pancake mix as it told me to on the box. I then dropped an Oreo in and coated it really well. I used a pair of tongs to do this. 
 Take the tong and drop the Oreo gently into the oil. Now, this process is QUICK so you can't look away. You will see the edges turn and as soon as they do, flip it. (see picture for example of what it will look like) Wait a few seconds and take it out and put on a plate. 
 Sprinkle powdered sugar over it and Enjoy! 
 This is a treat that will surely be a hit and everyone will just love! I know that I do! I had never had one until tonight! 
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  1. This looks easy enough, I saw these at the fair last year for the first time.

  2. I don't have a deep fryer, but I bet a skillet would achieve similar results.

  3. This recipe looked so good, I copied it down. I am due to make this this coming weekend. I thank you for the share.

  4. Wow these look great! Sounds like something you could get at the country fairs - but much less expensive, I'm sure!

  5. I have has these but never knew how they were made i may try it thank you


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