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 I was needing a new handbag. Mine was getting raggedy and it just so happened that I was given the chance to review one here on my blog! Have you heard of Fricaine Handbags? Fricaine is a celebration of humanity and the special fabrics that are essential parts of identities worldwide. We provide high quality fashion products from globally-sourced exotic fabrics that accentuate the tastes and preferences of our customers. Fricaine offers access to vibrant, unique and undeniably fashionable accessories necessary for today’s quintessential woman. They carefully select unique and high quality fabrics and fashionable accessories. Their fabrics are so bright and colorful. I can honestly say that I haven't seen them anywhere else. I would say that their fabrics are exotic and fashionable. Now, I was given the chance to pick between several different bags, one specific one stood out to me. The Fricaine Charming Wink Satchel Bag.
 This bag arrived wrapped beautifully and in a protective bag as well. KUDOS on the shipping for that! I thought it was very well thought out. Now, my initial reaction was amazing. I literally squeeled. Pictures don't do justice for this bag at all. It is so vibrant and pretty. If you can't tell, Four distinct wax fabric patterns were combined to make this trendy, functional and eye-catching handbag. The sides are made of high quality synthetic leather.
On some handbag, the hardware corrodes and it just gets ugly. Not this one! All hardware is forged with real gold-plated material with anti-soul treatment and has no chance of corrosion.
 Now, let's talk the inside! The lining is custom made and fits well with the outside of the bag. It has one card pocket, one cell phone pocket, one drop pocket and one separate multi-purpose pocket. SO many pockets! That is a major plus for me because I am a mom and I carry a ton of things on me. The middle pocket will be used to my personal lady items. It conceals them perfectly.
 The bag also comes with a detachable strap, (Not pictured) because I don't plan on using it.
I took a picture of the backside so that you could see that too. Overall, I love my new and unique handbag! It is so perfect! I plan on using it often! It isn't something you can find at just any store and I love that. This bag will make the perfect gift for her, mom or anyone!

 It retails for $118 and is only $70 on their website! Use code FRICAINE15 for 15% off! That could be a potential 60% savings on some products! That is a steal if you ask me. I would recommend this to anyone looking to add a new bag to their wardrobe! Fricaine offers free shipping on orders over $59. Be sure to visit the Fricaine website to see all of the other handbags they have to offer! They have a great selection! You can also visit them on their social media below to stay up to date with the latest. 
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