I don't own much makeup! When I hear about something and find out it it is something that I want to try, I get a bit obsessed! Recently, I came across Styli-Style Cosmetics! Styli-Style Cosmetics raises the bar by providing a vast array of colorful formulas to achieve a modern and sophisticated look for every budget. I received a few products for review! Check it out below!
I chose two products for the eyes and one for my lips. The first two products I want to show you are the BROW EXPRESS - BROW POWDER DUOMedium/Dark and the -THE STYLUS - LIQUID EYE LINER Blackest Black (Darkest Black). I have dark hair and it isn't a secret that it is colored. My brows are super light and I over tweezed them as a teen so they are thin too. 
I did my face and wiped it half way down the middle so you can see the before and after in one shot. On the left, no makeup at all. On the right, I have my contour and smokey eye. I also have the BROW EXPRESS - BROW POWDER DUO Medium/Dark. This comes in a small compact with a mirror and slanted brush for application, and spooly brush to groom and tame your brows. I tried to be subtle but you can see the difference too. You can purchase this for only $4.99. You can also see I did a cat eye with the liner. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! THE STYLUS - LIQUID EYE LINER Blackest Black has got to be HANDS DOWN the best liner I have ever used. I love the shape of the brush. See below for yourself.
It is shaped so that it is easy to hold and the point is PERFECT for making my cat eye and I really noticed that it was so much easier to apply! The color I am wearing it the Blackest Black. It is only $8.49 on their website too. I also noticed that it did NOT smudge. Which is saying a ton for me because I am always wiping the corners of my eye with other brands. I love it! Visit their website for a few other color selections too.
Lastly, I am wearing the LIP PAINT - LIQUID LIPSTICK Bare-ly There (Nude). I do love this color on myself because it isn't too much! You can find it on their website for $6.49. They have a small selection of colors too. Overall, I love the products that I received for review! I am excited to have something in my makeup case to try! You can visit their website to see other great products they have to offer! I love how affordable that they are and it doesn't break the bank! Be sure to check them out on their social media to stay up to date with the latest!
Have you heard of Styli-Style Cometics? Do you plant to try them now? Thanks for reading!
*The Small Things received product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own*
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