P.S. from Aeropostale has the cutest clothing for my daughter! If you haven't heard of them, They offer trend-right merchandise at compelling values for girls and boys ages four to twelve. I am a part of their VIP Program to feature items here on my blog! Summer is the perfect time to shop and get awesome deals because you can save them for the school year! They have cute new arrivals and occasionally you will find great deals in the back on sale too! Check out our recent trip in Nashville!
Lydia was so excited to go shopping! She tried so many things on! Check out what she got below!
 She wanted this tank top. I let her get one because she has so many. It was on sale too! It is the Cheetah Racer Back Tank. It is normally $18.50 but on sale for $6.
 She wanted this top because it has a cupcake. It was in the front of the store. These shirts were buy one get two free. Without that deal the price is as follows: Cupcake Tee- $19.50. On sale for $7.
 Shopping with Lydia isn't a day unless she gets a cat shirt. I kid you not, this child gets one every time she shops for clothing! This kitty vacay graphic tee is $19.50 but on sale for $7!
 Lydia likes this logo shirt! I love it too! This Kids' PSNY Sparkle Graphic Tee is $19.50 and on sale for $7.
Lydia loves this romper! She seen it and just had to have it! Flamingo print is too cute! It isn't on their website now however I want to say it was $24 and we got it for $12.
 You can't go wrong with polos! These were buy 1 get two free!! OF course the buy one is the one that is more expensive. The polo you see above is usually $18.50 but we got it for $7.
 This pink polo was also $18.50 and only $7.
She loved this striped polo. I did too! It was $24.50 and only $9 after the sale. They have so many nice items and color selections! The shorts you see are also a great deal! Bermuda Shorts are a must! They are long enough for school and they are classy too! These babies are $29.50 and on sale for $10! How cool is that? 
 Lydia also needed new undies. We found these on sale. The socks you see are $7.50. The are on sale for $1. The undies are $7.50 and we got them for about $3.50. Some are cheaper than others on sale. Just look around and you can find a great deal!
 This cute crochet top you see was on a super cool sale! I want to say it was about $26 and we got it on sale for $2!!!
This cute polo is normally $24.50. Lydia found it for $2 and change!
Overall, we are thrilled about our shopping trip. We are both happy with what Lydia got and we are going to save the majority of it for this school year! Visit a store near you! Their website has a store locator on it. They have clothing for girls and boys! You can also visit them on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! Thanks for reading!
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*The Small Things is a P.S. Aeropostale VIP. All opinions are my own and may differ from others*
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