Bills bills bills. No one likes them and we surly don't like paying for them. What if I told you there was a cell phone service that is completely FREE. Yes, you heard that correctly- FREE. As long as you have Wifi- you have FREE cell phone talk, text and access to the web at your fingertips.  You also have the OPTION to purchase service that you can use outside of Wifi for as LOW as $1.99! Check out the newest cell phone from Scratch Wireless. Lydia was so stoked to get her first phone!
 This phone is so nice too.
 The Coolpad arise from Scratch Wireless features a 4 inch touch display. It also has a  megapixel camera with video. Lydia loves this phone, however the only downfall of raising an 8 year old who loves to take photos of herself, is that she will not stop complaining it doesn't have a front facing camera.
 I love the style of the phone too! It is perfect for her, for her first cell phone! It isn't very bulky and it is the perfect size.
 It also has Google Play on it, which is a plus for her because she loves playing her little games!
Now, I mentioned this phone has FREE service right? I also mentioned that you have the option to purchase additional service. The phone works completely free over Wi-Fi (voice, data), and has free unlimited texting Wi-Fi, always. You can then buy voice and data passes to fill in the gaps when you aren't on Wi-Fi, but you never have to buy anything you don't want to, and you are always connected by texting for free whether you buy any of the passes or not. The passes are completely affordable too! $14.99 for UNLIMITED voice? I have never heard of that!
Overall, She loves her new phone! You can purchase the Coolpad arise for the affordable price of only $99! I love how this cuts your cell phone bill and allows service for everyone! Goodbye huge bill, and hello new phone! Visit the Scratch Wireless website to learn more info. You can also check them out on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! 
Have you heard of Scratch Wireless before I introduced them to you? Do you plan to take advantage of this awesome service? 
*The Small Things received a complementary Scratch Wireless phone in return for my honest opinions.*
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