I recently came across a great company called Nifty Home Products. They love to provide their customers with “Nifty” solutions to your everyday problems that are unique, innovative, and affordable. They offer products for the kitchen, Coffee and Makeup Organizers too! I had the chance to work with them on featuring two of their products- The Nifty Makeup and Cosmetic Organizing Carousel in Pink, and their newest innovation, in cream. Check it out below! 
As you can see, I was unorganized. Being a blogger, I get beauty products all the time. I was stoked when the The Nifty Makeup and Cosmetic Organizing Carousel arrived! 
These products allow you to keep all of your makeup and beauty essentials completely organized! Think of it as a lazy susan. It rotates 360* and gives me complete access to everything I need without having to dig!
The Nifty Makeup and Cosmetic Organizing Carousel in Pink is just too cute! It holds everything perfectly! The baskets are big enough to hold everything too!
The newest innovation's basket has a different shape. Check it out below. I like the shape of the newest better. I don't know if it is in my head or what, but I can seem to fit MORE in this style.
 I love the color and how well I can keep my things separated. Brushes can also easily fit in the middle.
The difference with this newer The Nifty Makeup and Cosmetic Organizing Carousel is that the baskets pop off  for more versatility. Both products hold everything you need and more! They will also fit great in college dorm rooms this school year too! They are small enough to keep everything out of the way with less clutter! Overall, I am so thrilled that I was able to receive both of these products to review! This has changed my lifestyle for the good because I am not organized and I had fun doing it! Visit their website for more info on these products! The pink organizer is only $24.95 on their website too! Visit Nifty Home Products on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! 
What do you do to keep your makeup organized? Will you purchase one of these now? Let me know in the comments! 
One reader is going to win the cream Nifty Makeup and Cosmetic Organizing Carousel!  Giveaway is open to USA and ends 7/29/15. See sidebar for complete rules. All entries are subject to verification. Enter below. Goodluck!

*The Small Things received two Cosmetic Organizing Carousels to facilitate this review*
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  1. How cute!! this would be great!! I'm obsessed with organizing things, so this would be perfect!! Seems I'm always moving and reorganizing things in the bathroom

  2. I'd love this to help me keep all my beauty products organized!

  3. I always need help with organization!

  4. This is really neat, with my daughter now a teenager and wearing some makeup our bathroom countertop is getting a little crowded so I'd love to win as this would be a great way to organize things. Also on the 2nd mandatory entry it appears the person shut down all 3 sites they had, I had to click on it to open up the rest of the entry form but just wanted you to know.

  5. I would love to win this for my daughter because her makeup is all over the place and not organized.

  6. I want to win because I need to organize my makeup.

  7. For organization but for my daughter's arts and crafts.

  8. I would love to use this for my makeup. My makeup and etc has no organization and is just kind of everywhere.

  9. I need a new system to storing my makeup. My current system is definitely not working for me.

  10. this would make searching for make up so much easier rather then going thru a basket and a make up bag so much more organized!!!!!


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