Care safety is a priority for us. Have you heard of SafeThammer? If you haven't, stick around to learn more. I received one for review and I will start out by showing you more!
 The Safe Thammer is small enough to fit in your console or even your glove box. The features are pretty self explanatory but I will tell you anyway!
 See that hidden blade? It is perfect for cutting your seatbelt in an emergency.
It has a flat head hammer that can be used to clear broken glass. The pointy side you see is used to break glass to escape when you are in danger. The rubber piece is used to protect anything from getting scratched up. This product is not only great for yourself, but it will also come in handy if you come across somebody that needs help! Get out in a flood, wreck, fire..anything! The Safe Thammer is sure to help! It also has a reflector on it to gain attention. 
Overall, I love this product because it gives me and my family peace of mind! If you want to purchase one yourself, you can find the SafeThammer on Amazon for only about $17! I love how affordable this is! It comes in a pack of TWO! Visit their website via the beginning of this post to learn more! You can also visit them on their social media to stay up to date with the latest!
Do you have one of these? Will you get one now that you have seen it on my blog?
 Win it
One reader is going to win a two pack of SafeThammers! Reader must live in the USA. See sidebar for complete rules. Giveaway ends on 7/23. All entries are subject to verification. Enter below. Goodluck!
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  1. I'd like to win this so my car be safer!

  2. We spend so much of our time in the car, this would be great to have! We take a lot of road trips and have seen plenty of bad wrecks, this could definitely come in handy!

  3. I'd love to win this for my handy hubby!

  4. I actually have seen these or products similar and feel every car should have one. They are great to have on hand and could certainly save a life and prevent a tragic situation.

  5. I want to win to be safe in the car

  6. Oh I would love to win and put in each of the cars. So important to be prepared. We have had such flooding the past few years, and always worry when those big rain storms come.


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