*This is a sponsored review for Jamballa on the behalf of Eternal Wooden Roses. All opinions are my own*
I love pretty things for my bedroom and pretty things in general. When I came across Eternal Wooden Roses, I was floored. They have the neatest wooden roses. I have never heard of this before. Being curious as usual, I browsed their website and fell in love. They have a color chart so that you can see the colors of roses they have to offer. They have a variety of roses ranging from closed, half bloom and open. They also have Corsages & Boutineers, Wedding Bouquets and more. The products that I fell in love with are their wooden pens! Check out the cute idea that I had in mind. I was given $100 to spend on their website. I made something for my mother in law and myself.
 They had these medium glass vases as well as flower pens and glass beads! I color coordinated each. 
Here is one of the pens and roses closer up so that you can see the detail. When you purchase the flower pens, you need to check out the color chart and let them know how many of each color you want. I chose closed bud roses and bought two dozen, at $1.75 a piece. Roses are made using high quality Birch wood shavings and colored with NONTOXIC dye. Four green silk fabric leaves are at the bottom of the bud and a wire stem wrapped with florist tape. I bought two glass medium vases at $3.00 a piece and two sets of glass beads at $8 a piece.
 Putting everything together is simple. You can even add ribbon around the vase to pretty it up more than it already is! 
It is so simple adding everything together. You just dump and place the pens where you want them and enjoy! Are these not beautiful?
I also scored this cute teddy bear on there for $6! How cute is this? Eternal Wooden Roses make the perfect gift or just because! These pens are such a good idea and will make any office or desk brightened up! I love my multi-colored roses and my mother in law loves her red roses! Visit their website for yourself to see the other products they have to offer! I was able to score all of this for right under $100! Visit Eternal Wooden Roses on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! 

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  1. Their website is so cool!!! I love the full blooms too. Roses are my favorite flower, what a fun way to have them around all the time

  2. these are really pretty! I didn't think a wooden rose could be so special, but they are! I want some! I love anything with roses.


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