IDO3D 5-Pen 3D Art Studio From Redwood Ventures IDO3D is the leader in kids’ 3D art, using technology to bring amazing artwork to life! Kids can create 3D art by simply drawing, connecting and constructing designs using IDO3D’s 3D printing technology! 

These specially crafted drawing pens contain 3D printing ink that magically transforms liquid into solid in just seconds; just shine the IDO3D spotlight on your awesome creation! 
Kids can use the familiar form factor of a pen to draw numerous designs, either from their own imagination or from the 3D Guidebooks that are included with each set. IDO3D is safe, affordable, easy to use and has forever changed the way kids can create beautiful art.
Purchase at a retailer near you for only $24.99! You can check out their website to see where to buy as well. Recommended for ages 8+. Tag them on IG with the handle @ido3d to show off your art too! 
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