I was so excited to head to LA for my blogger junket trip for Disney's Tomorrowland! We all had the chance to interview Raffey Cassidy and Thomas Robinson. If you didn't know, Thomas played Young Frank in the movie and Raffey played Athena. We were put into groups and talent rotated to us for interviews! 
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First of all, I have to say these two are the cutest! They are normal kids, doing normal things aside from the fact they were in the movie. They were so down to earth. You could tell they were nervous, but they still answered questions. 

1) Question- Tell us your experiences working on the film:
  • Raffey Cassidy says:  " It was just so much fun.  It was so cool. Yeah, just constantly having fun."
  • Thomas Robinson says: "Yeah, stunts were probably my favorite part."
We also learned that they had to do two months of training before filming to get ready for their roles in the movie.
2)  Question- Did you actually drive in the movie?  Did you have to learn how to drive?
  • Raffey Cassidy says that she had to learn how to drive for the role in the movie! 
3) Question- Do you look at Disneyland differently now when you come here now?
  • Thomas Robinson says: "I just think it's almost more magical now knowing that- how much work goes into making this such a- an amazing place."
4) Question- How long did it take to film the movie?  How long were you on set?
  • Raffey Cassidy says: "Rehearsal and everything, it was about a year."
  • Thomas Robison says: "I think maybe a year and a half, maybe."

We also learned that Raffey Cassidy was eleven when she started filming and Thomas Robinson had turned eleven on the second day of filming.
5) Question- What do you wanna do when you grow up?  Do you wanna keep acting, or…?
  • Raffey Cassidy says: "I wanted to do acting, but I always wanted to go to university and study British education"
  • Thomas Robinson says: "Yeah, I really wanna be a chef"
My first thoughts when Thomas said that was how cool is that? We also learned that cooking is his favorite thing to do! He also wants to go to culinary school.
6) Question- Can you talk about your reactions when you were cast in this film?
  • Thomas Robinson says: "First of all, I felt kind of bad because my brother and I both auditioned for the part, and he was gonna get it, but he got a little too old. "
  • Raffey Cassidy Says: "I was, like, so excited."
7) Question-  Do people recognize either of you now that they've seen the movie?
  • Thomas Robinson says: " Only a few people."
8) What do your friends think?
  • Thomas Robinson says "They think it's pretty cool." "a few of them were actually able to come to the premier with me."
  • He also says that it was so amazing having them there and "it kind of makes your day when somebody recognizes you on the street, like, you're that person from Tomorrowland. It's kinda cool."
9) Question- Raffey, do you live here or abroad? 
  • Raffey Cassidy says "I still live, yeah, in England. I'd like to come over." We also learned that she would like to come over here to live.
10) Question- What do you think kids can learn from the movie?
  • Thomas Robinson says: "always be optimistic and reach for the stars"
  • Raffey Cassidy says: " I hope they'll be impressed as an individual person may- could change the world to make a difference, and that they know that they can do anything."
We learned that the Jet Pack that Thomas wore in the movie was about 40 lbs! He had to have 20 hours of indoor skydiving training! He says " I just really like saying that I have the equivalent of fifteen thousand sky dives."

11) Have you seen any of the special features?
  • Raffey Cassidy says: " yeah, I got to see as much as we could"
  • Thomas Robinson says: "I have. I've seen a few of them. I only got the DVD, like, a day and a half ago, so I wasn't able to watch a lot, because I had a lot of homework."

12) Question- Do you have a favorite scene in the movie? 
  • Raffey Cassidy Says: "I'd say that love scene was quite fun." 
  • Thomas Robinson Says: " I really liked watching the blast from the past scene. I thought that was amazing."
13) We also learned that Thomas is in the 8th grade, and Raffey is a Freshman. Overall, interviewing these to was fun! They answered every question and as time went on, they were more laid back with us. 

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