In the movie Tomorrowland, and during my trip, I learned so much about dreamers and in the movie Tomorrowland, it revolved around dreaming big and imagination!  My daughter Lydia is a dreamer. She has so many goals and dreams. Take this quiz below to see what kind of dreamer your child is! Cick the image that goes with it! your child will have some great activities to do!
Artist (Mostly A’s)

Your child’s dreamer traits are creativity, uniqueness and expressiveness. Artists have active imaginations that they express in unique ways. They may be more emotional, but use those emotions as energy in their creations. Your child wants to bring beauty and uniqueness into this world. A child may express this creativity and uniqueness through any career that allows him/her to create — for example, a musician, dancer, painter, chef, journalist or author.
You can inspire your young artist by taking him/her on a nature walk and encouraging the use of senses to fully experience the world. Start by focusing on what you can hear; listen to the birds singing and the wind through the leaves. Then, focus on what you can see — for example, the colors of leaves, patterns in water or grass and variations in light. Finally, ask your child to notice how things feel, such as the texture of tree bark or the softness of a fern. Research has shown that spending time outside increases creativity.

Professional (Mostly B's)
Your child’s dreamer traits are conscientiousness, organization and responsibility. He/she is detail oriented, observant and careful. Children who have these traits are also usually very well regulated, get along well with others, and have a good sense of responsibility. Thus, they work well in groups and may often be leaders. They care about the state of the world and want to work hard to make it a better place. Your child may enjoy a career in business, law, engineering or science.
 To cultivate your young professional and set him/her up for success, help him/her start and execute a project. It may be cleaning up a local park and organizing the neighborhood children to help, building and setting up a lemonade stand on the day your neighborhood has a garage sale, or helping with a holiday toy drive. These kinds of activities help to nurture your child’s sense of leadership and responsibility — skills he/she will use throughout life.
Innovator (Mostly C's)
Your child's dreamer traits are openness, creativity and intelligence. He/she is most likely open to new ideas, trying new foods or going to new places. He/she is highly intellectually curious and seeks out answers to many questions. Innovators are driven to come up with new and better ideas to help people change the world. They are not afraid of failure and are willing to take risks and try, try, try again. When they grow up, they will be leaders in any career they chose, but may be most drawn to science, technology and architecture.
Nurture your young innovator by reading with him/her and encouraging him/her to read. Reading about worlds with different physical rules and unexpected realities encourages innovation and creative problem solving. Reading with your child, perhaps reading the same book and talking about it, or taking turns reading chapters instills a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

Humanitarian (Mostly D's)
Your child's dreamer traits are agreeableness, caring and intelligence. He/she is empathetic and able to understand other people's perspectives. Humanitarians usually love animals and are nurturing to younger siblings. They have a natural insight into how to make someone feel better. If your child is a healer, then he/she might become a doctor, social worker, nurse, teacher, veterinarian or work for a non-profit. Whatever your humanitarian decides to do, it will definitely be something that will allow him/her to connect with and help others.
To nourish your young healer, get him/her involved in volunteering and giving back at a young age. Depending on other activities, it could be something you do once a year (like the soup kitchen on Thanksgiving) or every summer (like helping at the local animal shelter). Volunteering not only benefits the recipients, but also the volunteer. Some of the benefits of volunteering include enhancing positive well-being and potentially even higher grades in school.

I received the Innovative Dreamer result for my daughter! THIS IS SO spot on with her personality! As you can see from the photo below!
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For more information on Tomorrowland, you can visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Google+.
*The Small Things received an all expense trip to facilitate this post*
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