I just scored 5 Disney Movies and a Frozen blanket for $1 and free shipping! Here is how: Join Disney Movies Club HERE, or leave your email so I can invite you- and use the promo code, 34604 and enter it at the top right. (This scores you the blanket and extra movie) You pick the titles (you don't have to pick the bonuses at the bottom! That costs more!). Enter your CC info and shipping info, and you are done! You are now a member and here is the catch:
As a Disney Movie Club member, all you need to do is buy 4 movies at regular Club prices in the next 24 months (starting at $29.95 per DVD and $29.95 per Blu-ray), plus shipping and processing of $3.95 for the first title in each order, and $1.49 for each additional title in that same order.  YOU CAN SKIP and NOT BUY that month. So in my opinion, 24 months is PLENTY OF TIME to purchase so this is a great deal.
READ THIS: You may cancel your membership at any time after purchasing the 4 movies.  By agreeing to purchase at least 4 regular-priced movies in the next 24 months, you qualify to receive 5 Disney Movies of your choice from the list of titles currently available from the Disney Movie Club for $1.00 total. You'll also receive a free "Frozen" blanket. Shipping and processing is free. Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your first shipment.  If you flake on purchasing these 4 movies within 24 months, you will be charged full price for the titles you received for $1.
What do you think? Will you join and give it a shot? Tell me below! I would love to hear! Leave your email if you want invited!
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