As the colder weather draws nearer, it seems like it won’t be long until we’re all burdened with colds and flus. Little ones are particularly affected by bacterial and viral infections as their immune systems aren’t fully developed yet. There is no need to panic though as there are some simple steps that can be taken to keep your children nice and healthy this winter through changing their lifestyle or diet to accommodate the colder weather.

Make sure they’re getting some extra vitamin C
As there is less sunshine during winter, it is important to supplement your child’s vitamin C intake. This is best achieved through eating fresh fruit, such as oranges, or drinking orange juice if they’re reluctant to eat the fruit. The NHS says that other good sources of vitamin C include red and green peppers, strawberries, blackcurrants and Brussel sprouts. There are also a wide range of child-friendly tablets that can ensure they’re getting their recommended daily allowance.

Keep them tucked up nice and warm at night
A good night’s sleep can make the world of difference to your child’s health. Whilst adults are recommended to have 9 hours sleep each night, children are supposed to get even more (somewhere in the region of 10-19 hours depending on their age). If they’re finding it hard to stay in their own bed, it might be wise to encourage them to make it their own. By involving your children in decisions like choosing their own bedspread that suits their tastes, or letting them peruse sites like Bedstar for a new bed or mattress if the one they have needs to be replaced will engender a sense of ownership for their bed.

Encourage them to wash their hands regularly
This is such a simple thing to encourage your child to do but will have a huge impact on their ability to stay healthy. By getting them to clean their hands after they use the bathroom, before they eat and throughout the day they will drastically reduce their chances of catching a bacterial or viral infection. It might be easier for children to want to do this by making it into a game rather than a boring chore that they need to remember. There are lots of soaps available in fun colors with their favorite characters on but perhaps your child would be motivated by the promise of getting a treat or a gold star on their reward chart.
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