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Pizza is a hit in our household. What if I told you that you can make your meal balanced and healthier by just eating one piece of pizza and a salad on the side? Recently, we purchased A Digiorno Pizzeria! Pizza. We looked around the store and found one we wanted. The Supreme! Did you know that Frozen Meals Make it Easy to Meet US Dietary Guidelines? The average American meets US Dietary Guidelines for the recommended intake for dairy, fruit, grains, proteins, and vegetables only seven days out of the year –  just 2 percent of the time! Frozen meals are convenient, but frozen pizza is even better! One reason why you should swap out and enjoy A Digiorno Pizzeria! Pizza- You can save up to 4,000 calories a YEAR! Freezing is nature’s way of  locking in goodness until  you’re ready to eat. 
I learned that new research shows that some frozen fruits and  vegetables may have higher levels of certain vitamins and antioxidants compared to  their fresh counterparts! Another reason to eat their pizzas is that they are DELICIOUS! Check out how I balanced my meal for lunch today!
 I learned that one way to have a great portion of pizza is to balance it out with your hand. You can balance your plate by adding a salad or fresh fruit/veggies opposite of the pizza! Check out how you can be mindful of portions:

  1. Select your favorite kind of pizza 
  2. Reference the Nutrition Facts on the carton (shown per “serving size”) 
  3. Limit your personal portion based on your calorie requirements for the day 
  4. Build a thoughtful meal around your pizza portion to include fruits, vegetables, salad and lowfat dairy Savor your selection knowing that you are enjoying a food you love in the right amount for you!

Pizza, salad and a glass of milk are the perfect combinations for a balanced meal! It is so delicous too! You can also get a cheese pizza and add your own toppings!
What do you think? After reading my post, are you going to balance your plate more often? You should! Get the whole family involved and make a change! You can read more about how to balance your plate via the Nestle website! You will be surprised at the way you can change your lifestyle. I was! Visit DiGiorno on their social media to stay up to date with the latest!
How do you balance YOUR plate? Tell me in the comments! 
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  1. Yammy! Is it ok if I reference this amazing article in my blog here http://essaykitchen.com/ ?

    1. Hello. I would rather you not, but thank you anyways!

  2. I really like the Digiorno brand pizza . It is really good for a frozen pizza and with a salad on the side pretty healthy and so easy for those nights you just do not feel like cooking a big meal


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