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The Holidays are almost here! Cost Plus World Market is sharing the joy and kicking off the Holidays with an amazing sweepstakes! From 11/2-11/25, you can enter for a chance to win 1 of 4 Grand prizes! Grand Prize: $2,000 World Market gift card for you and $2,000 for a Charity of your choice. CPWM will donate $2K for each winner’s charity of choice (charity must be U.S. 5013c non-profit organization) = 4 charities. worldmarketsweepstakes.com. I don't know about you, but I plan on entering. It is a win-win! 
In spirit of our Share the Joy Sweepstakes we are challenging you to give back to the community this holiday season. Beginning Monday 11/2 World Market will be sharing the joy with their Instagram followers by giving away a $50 World Market gift card per day through 11/25/15. Photos must be tagged  #ShareTheJoy_WM and #JoytotheWorldMarket for giveaway consideration! Speaking of sharing the joy, Lydia and I were able to Share The Joy with a local shelter this week!
 All items were purchased from Cost Plus World Market too! We purchased a variety of Christmas Toys and put them in a basket to deliver.
I wanted to not only give back to my community, but teach my 9-year-old a lesson. She is super spoiled and blessed to have all that she does. I wanted her to see that not all children are blessed like she is. There is a local shelter that houses families and such throughout the day, and I figured delivering a basket of goodies like this would make someone's day! And it did! The shelter would not allow us to take photos inside, but we were still happy to have made an impact on these kids lives. Now when children come through with their parents, they will have toys to play with and books to read to keep things off of their minds. Making Holiday Gift Baskets to share the joy is SUCH a great idea! Check out below what all we included in ours! Please note that prices are subject to change at any time. After tax, we paid $196 and change for our complete basket. I hyperlinked items that are available to purchase online! 
 Cost Plus World Market has an assortment of baskets and gifting accessories. I grabbed a large Brown Willow Storage Basket for ($22.99). I also found red gross grain ribbon ($3.49) and Natural Excelsior ($4.99) to add for decoration.  Snakes And Ladders is a cute game! ($8.98)
 Magnetic Fuzzy Face ($2.99), Peg Game ($3.99), Magnetic Travel Game ()
 Classic Pinball Game ($6.99)
 Magnetic Chinese Checkers ($11.95), Magnetic Fairy Checkers ($11.95)
 A Color Of His Own Book ($7.99), Richard Scarry's Best Storybook ($15.99) 
I also purchased an assortment of (9) A Little Golden Books, for $3.99 a piece! Make a difference and participate in Sharing The Joy with Cost Plus World Market today! The possibilities are endless! Ideas include: Food for the needy, Gifts for Teachers, Coaches or Mentors, Toys for children, Coffee and Snacks for the homeless, and many many more! Be sure to head over to see how these other bloggers are sharing the joy this holiday season!
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Visit Cost Plus World Market on their social media below to stay up to date with the latest! 
What do you say? Will you be sharing the joy this Holiday season? Tell me below! 

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  1. These are great toys and would make wonderful gifts for the holidays.

  2. Those toys are all so cool. Who wouldn't love getting those?

  3. I love World Market so much. Stuff for me but also a ton of stuff for the kids to love. They don't mind going because I know there are toys for them to look and play with

  4. How fun and yes, what a good lesson for your daughter. I have been doing things like this with my kids too. I want them to LOVE giving to those in need more than receiving things (like me). Good job!

  5. You put together SO much joy in that basket. Whomever receives this is going to cry tears of happiness!

  6. World Market is one of my favorite places to shop. There are always such treasures. My kids love it too! So many fun toys (and candies!!!).

  7. I love World Market because they have SO many fun things! Sharing the joy is easy to do with the unique gifts I can find at their stores!

  8. World Market always has such cool stuff! I love that you're teaching your 9 year old about those who don't have as much- it's something we've been working on with our 6 year old, too.


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