I did not know until recently that there was a service that allows you to rent toys every month! I want to introduce you to Pley! Pley is a toy rental company. If you haven't heard of them, sit back and relax I will tell you all about them! Pley is the leading toy rental company, helping smart parents save money, reduce clutter and help the environment, while raising brighter kids. 
Pley offers access to a large selection of educative toys, including 400+ LEGO sets and popular robotics toys. Their selection of toys include the best and the newest. What you receive is up to you! If you are wondering how it works, pley can be purchased for as little ad $19.99 a month. There are three easy and simple steps to get started!  Simply fill in the form with your details and then have fun creating your personalized Pleylist based on your favorite toys and LEGO themes. Lastly, just sit back and wait for your toy to be delivered to your door. Once you’re done building your set or playing with your toy, just send it back in the pre-paid packaging at any US postal mailbox and await delivery of your next Pley rental.
Check out my top 5 reasons for Renting vs Buying toys!
  1. Try before you buy.- I have bought so many lego sets for Lydia, to find her disappointed and upset after she puts it together. Since Pley offers unlimited rentals, she can try before she buys to see if she likes it. This saves so much money. We all know how expensive Legos are! Did you know you can save up to $800 a year? WOW!
  2. Pley allows you to reduce clutter- What I mean by this is PURGE. If you are going to purchase a subscription, why not have your child go through the toys they do not want anymore. When you are done with your Pley rental, you get to send it back, and you get something new. It doesn't just sit there to collect dust. 
  3. Kids love the thrill of getting something new- We all know that kids get tired of some of the toys they already have. Sometimes it just sits and isn't played with. Since Pley offers the latest and newest toys, they will always have something new and up to date to play with.
  4. Save gas money-  The convenience of going online to rent, vs going to a store. You can reduce CO2 emissions from cars going to malls/stores to buy toys.
  5. Pley replaces lost bricks- How many times has your child took apart their lego set only to get it back out and find out they lost pieces? I have had several instances with Lydia. You do not have to worry about that with Pley! They do not charge for missing pieces. They do ask that you try to minimize though. 

Visit the Pley website to learn more about them! You can also visit their social media below to stay up to date with the latest!
After hearing about Pley, what do you think? Are you going to give it a try? Tell me below!
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  1. My kids love receiving the blue Pley package every time. Such a great week to keep toys fresh.


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