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It wasn't long ago that I shared my shopping trip to PetSmart® with all of you. We checked out the Natural Balance® Pet Foods for him! Natural Balance has a wide variety of product and we chose their L.I.D Limited Ingredient Diets® for dogs. 
Since the new year is here, is a resolution of mine to have my pet eat healthier! Natural Balance L.I.D Limited Ingredient Diets® is an existing limited ingredient diet product offering. They have a complete line of dry, canned and treat formulas for cats and dogs. They even have a line for all life stages and breeds from puppies/kittens to adults. Natural Balance is also available in grain-free formulas! Simple formulas that limit ingredients in your pet’s diet to minimize he chance of food sensitivities or allergies. Their tagline is Food with Substance for Pets with CharacterTM. 
Max loves the Potato and Duck formula. I am in love with this brand because it is the best of the best for him. 
This brand has the Most extensive selection of unique proteins including rabbit, venison, bison and Wagyu Beef. It also has balanced Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fatty Acids along with high-quality protein help support healthy skin & shiny coat! Max has long beautiful fur, so that is a plus for us!
 Another thing I love about this brand is that it is for all life stages and breeds from puppies/kittens to adults!
You can trust this brand because it is backed by their Buy with Confidence guarantee – every production run is tested for quality and safety in Natural Balance’s state of the art laboratory in Burbank, CA! This natural pet food has my dogs heart! I am so happy we were introduced! Visit your local PetSmart and purchase today, or online at! Visit Natural Balance on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! For all of you cat lovers, they have products for your furry friend here too. I am so thrilled to get Max on a new and healthy start! 
Will you give this product a try with your firry friend now that I shared more about it with you?

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  1. My dog's BFF eats this exact formula and loves it and thrives on it!

  2. Great review for a great product. I love the photos of your dog too. He's so adorable.


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