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Do you remember your first kiss? Or the anticipation of a first date? Those are exciting times! I’m here to say, though, while the thrill of a first is exciting, I’ll take the comfort of an “old” love any day. I think it’s the sweetest thing when I see an older couple still holding hands. I hope I’m still doing that when I’m 80, 90 or even 100!
A seasoned love is beautiful and one to be celebrated. As each year passes the couple is more in love and in-tune with the other person. Do you have that type of love? I hope so.
When I saw this I Love You To The Moon And Back figurine by Precious Moments, I knew I had to have it. Wouldn’t this be a beautiful gift to give your loved one on an anniversary? It’s made of bisque porcelain, stands 6 2/4 inches high and its meticulously hand painted. Seeing this on a shelf would make me smile every day. It would be a lovely reminder of the love I have in my life. And doesn’t love make each day so much brighter? Of course it does!

Well I’m delighted to be able to bring to you today only, June 14th, 15% off this figurine, as well as any other anniversary themed gifts on, just enter the promo code ANNIVERSARY.
This is one of the “35 Days of Loving and Sharing” that’s taking place on their Facebook page. Each day, Precious Moments is featuring 15% off a product or category, for that day only, which leads up to the final day of June 25th when they announce a new exclusive figurine. I love surprises!

Remember you can look for the special of the day over on the Precious Moments Facebook page during the “35 Days of Loving and Sharing” event. It’s a way they are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Precious Moments Collector’s Club. I didn’t even know there was such a thing and I’m excited about it; how fun! Members get all sorts of perks, my favorite being access to exclusive members only figurines! Visit here to find out more about the club. Be sure to visit the Precious Moments website to see the other beautiful products that they have to offer. There is something for everybody! You can also visit their social channels below. 

So to all of you who have an anniversary this month or this year, good wishes to you. Please celebrate your love each and every day.
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