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When you think of Precious Moments products, what is the first thought that comes to your mind?Mine is their cute eyes, but another is the gift of feelings. Why do I say that? Every Precious Moments product has a special meaning behind it to someone. The loss of a child is a heart wrenching feeling. Something that I would not wish on anyone. Precious Moments has so many products for every feeling and occasion. They have the most beautiful product for the loss of a child in their sympathy collection.
The Precious Moments' Mommy's Love Goes With You Figurine is perfect for me. On April 10, 2013, we lost our daughter, Aubrey at 20 weeks in the womb and I delivered her stillborn. I cannot describe the pain that I felt and this figurine explains it all. It is so comforting and just gorgeous. The Mommy's Love Goes With You Figurine has so much emotion. Words cannot describe.
I love how beautiful it is all around. So many perfect details too! 
This Mommy's Love Goes With You Figurine is 5 1/2" H and available for only $50.99. This IS the best gift that you could give to someone whom has lost a baby/child. It is perfect.  The figurine says it all. I am so thankful that I have this to remember my sweet baby girl by. When I look at this figurine, I feel peace, and I feel love. Help another person feel that by purchasing today. 
Be sure to visit the Precious Moments website to see the other beautiful products that they have to offer.  You can also visit their social channels below. 
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