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My name is Bre and I have been TTC (Trying to conceive) for three years. My husband and I have had a rough journey.I have kids from a previous relationship, however stress and time changes the humam body.  Having a support system really helps when it comes to trying to have a baby, especially when it is such a long journey. You can feel lie you have nobody to talk to. Thankfully, I now have an amazing community to seek comfort within. 
Fertility Planit is the leading online community for people who want to get healthy and create the family they want. Bringing together consumers, bloggers, experts and providers, Fertility Planit features customized social networking, online events and live video sessions, consumer reviews, conversations, and shopping. Within this community, I discovered an amazing product called the Stork OTC!
This NEW treatment option is FDA-cleared for home-use without a prescription. The Stork OTC offers a relaxed and private way of conceiving in your own home using new technology based on cervical cap insemination.  Can be used if you are diagnosed with infertility, have tried months without success, or simply want to get pregnant more quickly; also if you want to conceive without intercourse (LGBT, disabilities, single women). This smart technique puts the sperm at the opening of the cervix as possible, optimizing your chances of conception.   The Stork OTC lets you take charge of your family planning, and act as a team while you do it. FDA-cleared applications for The Stork OTC include common fertility difficulties attributed to both men and women, including:
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Motility Issues
  • Unfavorable Vaginal Environment (pH imbalance)
  • Unexplained Infertility
    How do you use it? It is easy to use! You can see more about how it works here, you can also watch this video here to see for yourself! Check out these photos of the device to get familiar with it. There are two main parts that you need to know about. 
    The device comes with the applicator and the Conceptacle. The Applicator has a cap release, plunger release and plunger tab. The petals open and it has a cap holder for the cervical cap. As you can see below, the cervical cap comes just like this. It has a string to give easy access to remove.
     Here is a photo of the cervical cap with the condom on it to give you an example of what it looks like.
    Thoughts: The device is SUPER easy to use. I did not use this specific one, because it is a demo, however, I have purchased one of these in the past so I am very familiar. The applicator is much like how you insert a tampon! It was easy to use and I like how long it is so that you are not struggling. The cap has enough room to be mess free after intercourse as well. We have not told anyone that we are using this, but I am sure they know now! My husband was a little worried that we would not have that same connection with trying to conceive when you do the old fashioned way, but he finally came to his senses. Check out this video below for yourself so that you can see visually how it works!
    This product is amazing and I love the concept! You are probably wondering where you can buy one of these? It is available now, online and in select retailer stores, for where to buy visit http://www.storkotc.com/ . You can purchase this single use kit for only $79.99! That is less than a doctor visit will cost! So far, not only is it available in the Stork OTC website, available at CVS in-store and online at the other retailers listed. 
    Visit Stork OTC on their social media to stay up to date with the latest. Be sure to please join me in the #StorkStories Twitter Chat on Thursday, 6/16 at 9pm Eastern. Don't know how to do a Twitter Chat? It is easy! Log onto a platform such as TweetChat. Add the hashtag: #StorkStories, and follow along the conversations by tweeting with this hashtag! Once you get the hang of it, it is fun! See you there!

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