For as long as I can remember, Lydia has been obsessed with Adventure Time. She is that free spirited chid that speaks her mind and doesn't have a care in the world. I want her childhood to be amazing.  When we found out that we were moving in June, I asked her what kind of wall decals that she would want for her room or what theme that she would like.  She told me that she wanted to have an Adventure Time bedroom! I was freaking out. How am I going to do this? She even had me paint canvases for her room. After searching online, for more ideas, we discovered Wall-Ah! They have so much to offer when it comes to wall decals for any childs bedroom. INSTANT lifesaver. You have to do minimal work. From nurseries to kids rooms, tweens and teens. They have it all. They are so easy to use! 
From their website:
Decorating with Wall-Ah! wall decals is easy & fun! Follow these simple steps: Decide on your wall graphic. Pick a room. Measure the space for your decal. Be sure the surface is clean, smooth, & dry. Slowly peel your wall decal artwork from the backing and apply the decal to the surface. Start from the center of the wall decal and smooth the decal outwards to get rid of wrinkles or bubbles. To reposition the wall decal, just slowly peel your Wall-Ah! from the wall, starting from the top of the wall decal in a downward direction and start over. Save the decal backing in case you want to reuse!
So many decals in so many themes! I was excited to see the selection of products they had to offer. One thing that stuck out to us was these Adventure Time Character wall decals. I was glad to read that we can reuse these if we ever move again too. 
It has all of Lydia's favorite characters included! 
 She was excited to help me place them on her walls in her bedroom. 
 We were going to put them all on one wall, but spacing them looked better. 
 Each of the characters were placed strategically. And after much arguing back and forth, we finally finished and she was finally happy.
 The decals came on one sheet and measured 53"W x 57"H.
These wall decals are a Wall-Ah! Cartoon Network exclusive! I am excited at how her room turned out. They are too cool. These decals can be purchased from the Wall-Ah! website for $109.99. Be sure to visit their website to see the other products they have to offer. There is literally something for everyone! You can also visit Wall-Ah! on their social channels to stay up to date with the latest!
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