I love creating new things on my Paint Shop Pro program! I am a fan and I have been since high school. They have a new version called Paint Shop Pro X9. You can download this or use the free 30 day trial. The full NEW version is $79.99, and if you have an older version and want to upgrade, it is $59.99. This tutorial is easy for a beginner. I am going to give you step by step instructions! Have you ever wanted to create a watercolor card for someone, but you did not want the mess of paint? Have no fear! I am here to save the day! I am going to show you how to make this:
How cute is that? AND you can place any saying that you want on the front of it. The inside is blank so that you can fill it out with your own handwriting. I feel that makes it more personal than typing a message too! If you don't want to make it yourself, I am providing the download link to print it yourself too via the bottom of this post.
Now, after you download your Paint Shop Pro program, and open it- you need to head here and get your free brushes. Brushes are what make the card for this project. I often use that website because people create the neatest add-ons for this program.Check out the screenshots below for reference.
Now, download these brushes and unzip to your desktop. LEAVE THEM there for now.
Go to the program and click file > import> then custom brush. This is where you will bring the brushes into the program so that they are always there when you need them. You will not have to redownload them.
A box will pop open like the one below.
Click OPEN and grab them from the desktop and they will all load like you see to the left. Click ADD ALL and they will move to the right! Click OK and you are set. 
I made this greeting card a 5x7. I like the size. So go to FILE at the top left again and then click NEW. This box will pop up. See where it says units? Click inches and to the left make width 5 and height 7. Unclick the transparent box and make that white. You can choose a color by clicking the box. Now I am going to show you how easy that it is to make your card.
Clic the brush tool and find the brushes you downloaded, click one and you can play with the size where it says size at the top too.
Use the pallet to the right and choose the colors you want the brushes to be. Get creative. Click around and make your design. You can turn it around via the buttons you see circled at the top so that you can get it even around each edge. When you get it to where you want it, you can add your font. Your computer already has font installed, but if you want anything fancy or cute, head on over to a free website such as dafont.com. Find the font you want, download it and unzip to your desktop. Right click and click INSTALL. The font that you see here is Bromello.
After you get your fonts downloaded, you can start adding the text onto the card.
If you want the watercolor effect that I did, go to file, then click new (like you did when we made the 5x7 card image to start with) and instead of clicking inches like last time, click pixels and do 500x500!
Use the brushes and make a watercolor effect one on another like you see I did! You can play with textures on the right as well, but I recommend taking it easy to start out on. 
After you click that box, this box that you see below will pop up!
Click pattern at the top and the one you made should pop up. Click and make it and scale like I have it. Click ok and you are started. Type the font that you want inside of the card! Play with it and place it where you want. 
You are done and ready to gift your card! Save to your desktop. Now click and open it. If you want to print from here do this:
Rotate the image upside down. There is a good reason for this! Load your paper or cardstock into the printer. I used standard size. 
The reason I had you flip the image is so that when you fold the card, it is facing the correct way! Click fit to picture and 5x7. Click print.
Fold over and trim your card with scissors or a xacto knife. You can find these at any craft store.
Enjoy and gift your beautiful new card! The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do! Get creative with it! You will become addicted! Don't want to make it yourself? Don't sweat it- download the card freebie pack for a pdf of them all, or download each here. Freebies include:
Happy Birthday To My Sister, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To My Aunt, Happy Birthday B*tch, Happy Birthday Daughter, Happy Birthday Mom, Happy You Came Out Of Your Mom's Vagina Day and Holy Sh*t You're Old! There are a variety to choose from! Please remember these are all 5x7! I hope that you enjoy them all! Feel free to email me if you have any questions! Like this post? Please share via one of the buttons below, RT or Pin this last image! Thanks for reading!

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